Manage DNS Records

To update your DNS, kindly log into the client area.

  1. Click on Domains > My Domains
  2. Click on Manage Domain of the domain you wish to manage.
  3. Go to Management Tools > Manage DNS.
  4. Add your desired domain entry and click Save Changes.

    Example of SRV records.


    Below is the reference of eligible entries for each record type.

    A: The IP that you want this domain to point to. IPv4 Addresses only.
    AAAA: The IP that you want this domain to point to. IPv6 Addresses only.
    MX: Mail exchanger domain or IP.
    CNAME: Alias, point to another domain/subdomain to make this domain route to that domain/subdomain record instead.
    NS: Nameserver. Please ensure that this setting has the same number of entries and is the same as here.
    TXT: Text record. Used to confirm if you are the owner of this domain (of which only you would have access to change).
    SRV: Service record. Used to point this domain to a service server like SIP, Kerberos or XMPP.
    URL Forwarding: Forward this domain to another URL.
    URL Forwarding with Masking: Forward and mask this domain to another URL. May not work for some destination URLs.

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