Domain name life cycle for .com/.net/.org/.info/.biz

This chart illustrates the typical deletion cycle for .com, .net, .net, .org and .info only.

When observing the results of a whois lookup, you will see a record similar in format to the one below.

You may check domain status as listed in the whois database. You can check the whois result at

Status: ACTIVE
Updated Date: 01-01-2006
Creation Date: 01-03-2006
Expiration Date: 01-01-2007

If Domain Status shows "ACTIVE"?
Registrant (domain owner) can modify domain, transfer domain away to another Registrar and renew domain at ACTIVE status.

If Domain Status shows "REGISTRY-LOCK" / "REGISTRAR-LOCK"?
Registrant (domain owner) cannot modify domain, transfer domain away to another Registrar nor renew domain at LOCK status.
You need to contact Registrar to remove LOCK in order to do so.

If Domain Status shows "REDEMPTION PERIOD"?
The redemption period is a Domain Registry period of up to 30 days that occurs when a domain name is deleted after having expired unrenewed. Instead of just getting deleted and returning to the pool of domain names available for registration, the existing registry keeps a hold on the domain name the REDEMPTION PERIOD. During this 30-day redemption period, the original domain registrant (owner of the domain) is allowed to retrieve the domain name from deletion by contacting their Registrar. This process costs an additional fee.

This extra 30-day period - redemption period - extends the time available to renew expired domain names by 30 days. However, all names that enter the redemption period are removed from the zone files in the global DNS, as a result, any Web site or email services associated with the domain name gone into redemption period will stop working and would appear offline.

If Domain Status shows "PENDING DELETE"?
A domain name is placed in PENDINGDELETE status if it has not been renewed during the redemption period. As usual, there is a 5-day Pending Delete Phase. When a domain is in Pending Delete Phase, no one is allowed to renew the domain and it cannot be yet registered because it's still not returned to the public domain pool. After the 5-day Pending Delete Phase, the Registry will release the domain name back into the public pool to become available to re-register

Note: Renew domain before redemption phase




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