Ad hoc IT Support service

Business Hours - S$100/per hour/per incident
Non-business hours – S$250/ per hour/ per incident

This is an extra service for all customers who require technical assistance that fall outside of our service support.

It includes service such as:-

  • Technical expertise services [Business Hours]
  • Website restoration / website migration
  • Server OS installation
  • Expert advice

For expert advice:-

Experienced technical support will be assigned exclusively to the technical assistance task. Report and advice* will be given after investigation. Service is provided on best effort.

*Note: We only offer advice on how to resolve the issue; the decision is still up to customer based on the report we gave. Should the customer require NewMedia Express to resolve the problem, there will be another charge incurred. Subject to resource availability. 9.30am - 6 pm, Monday - Friday, excludes public holiday.

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